Brian Bigham

I took a lesson yesterday from John Marshall, on his trip to California. I am a 10.9 handicap and have been studying the golf swing for over 35 years. I know a lot about the swing, but didn’t know that some of the things I ‘knew’ just are not true or at least don’t work well for me.

John was able to identify my errors, and explain why they caused what they did, then showed me how to fix them, all in just over an hour.

Drove from the lesson to a golf course and shot one of the best rounds of my life, 2 over on the front and even par on the back for a 74! Didn’t hurt that my putting was on, with only 26 putts.

I have had a few golf lessons in my life, two even from Mike Austin himself, and I have never been able to take the lesson to the golf course and see immediate improvement like I did yesterday.

If you are looking to improve your golf game, I highly recommend seeing John Marshall for a lesson. It will be well worth it for you.

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