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Hitting the golf ball further is all about increasing clubhead speed while maintaining solid contact. The faster the clubhead is moving the longer the drives you’ll be hitting. I have been using the SuperSpeed Golf (SSG) system for over a year and have gained more than 10 miles an hour of clubhead speed which translates to at least 25 yards more distance with my driver. I became so enamored with the system that I am now a certified SuperSpeed Golf Trainer.

The program is about over-speed training. When sprinters are training, they often sprint on a slight downhill grade. The enables them to run faster than they would on level ground. Very quickly their bodies are conditioned to move faster.

The same concept is what SSG is all about. The system consists of three separate training clubs: one 10% lighter than a normal driver, one 5% less and one 5% heavier.  By using the training protocols, students quickly add to their clubhead speed and are soon hitting it way past their buddies.

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