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Brian Bigham

Riverside, CA

I took a lesson yesterday from John Marshall, on his trip to California. I am a 10.9 handicap and have been studying the golf swing for over 35 years. I know a lot about the swing, but didn’t know that some of the things I ‘knew’ just are not true or at least don’t work well for me.

John was able to identify my errors, and explain why they caused what they did, then showed me how to fix them, all in just over an hour.

Drove from the lesson to a golf course and shot one of the best rounds of my life, 2 over on the front and even par on the back for a 74! Didn’t hurt that my putting was on, with only 26 putts.

I have had a few golf lessons in my life, two even from Mike Austin himself, and I have never been able to take the lesson to the golf course and see immediate improvement like I did yesterday.

If you are looking to improve your golf game, I highly recommend seeing John Marshall for a lesson. It will be well worth it for you.

Ed Henderson

Decatur, GA

Hi John,
That was an amazing lesson. Thank you so, so much for your help! You truly are worth your weight (or, better yet, MY weight) in gold.
You are a natural teacher, and you have given me two simple but key concepts to focus on…well, three…I can keep those three things in mind and I know the results will be encouraging. I know I still have some work to do, but you have given me great tools with which I can extricate myself from the rut I have been in.
I will update you after my outing tomorrow!

Thank you a hundred times over!
Best regards.


Mike Zubarik


Hi John,
I REALLY enjoyed being with you these past the days. I held off taking lessons because the golf instructors available to me in Milwaukee just didn’t measure up. Not to mention I’m frugal if I don’t see value. You, John, are everything I hoped for and then some!!!
Your golf knowledge and honesty with Austin swing mechanics is priceless. But more than that, your way of communicating concepts is the best I’ve ever been around.
I am glad to have met you and hope to continue learning from you and seeing you again in person.
Stay well and I wish you the best!!!


Maira Morales


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to help me during my lessons. I learned so much from you, and the passion you have for the game and for teaching is incredible to me. You made me fall in love with golf!  You are one of the kindest, most patient people I have ever met in my life. Your teaching method is great! As a former culinary instructor myself I can tell you how amazing you are at what you do.  Also, living in Atlanta and being Hispanic and looking different and having this crazy accent has never been easy. People looked down at me all the time, treated me very differently as to other “locals” and I was not welcomed in many places even if people didn’t tell me straight to my face.  Not once did you make me feel uncomfortable or out of place. This meant the world to me.  Thank you so much!

Scott Schweber


Thank you so much for the great lesson yesterday, especially working with me in the far less than perfect weather.

I really appreciate your ability to see what I am doing, and to get me to a place where my short game setup and club selection will help me achieve the results that I am looking for.

Not only do you bring great insight and knowledge our sessions, but you have a knack for bringing out the best in me. It’s like we peel off a layer of funk (if that is such a thing). And for me, executing properly while practicing is a great confidence booster.

I will keep you posted.



Larry Frazier

Carrollton, GA

John Marshall is not only a great teacher and student of golf, he also has a solid game himself, as evidenced by his previous Senior Long-Drive Championships. He has a keen eye for looking at a student’s swing and easily communicating suggestions that put a student at ease and lead to better swings. I have been working with John for about 10 years, and though sometimes, months pass between lessons, I always leave with a better understanding of what I am doing and confidence to take my game to the next level on the golf course. He has a true “teacher’s heart,” genuinely interested in his students and wanting them to enjoy their best golf. Shortly after each lesson, he sends a written summary of what we did in the lesson and the specific techniques that we covered that helped me improve. He also includes video of my swings in the lesson that provide further clarification. This “blueprint for improvement” allows for great positive reinforcement–supportive without over dependency on the teacher. I heartily recommend John without reservation!


Mike Judge

Marietta, GA

I am a professional coach in another sport. I have recently taken up golf as a hobby. I thought it would be easy. (Just watch the guys on TV do it) I was wrong. I started out bad and just keep getting worse the more balls I tried to hit.
After a very frustrating hitting session, one of my athletes suggested I take a lesson. I decided I couldn’t get any worse so I went to work to find a coach for myself.
After a lot of research, I decided to call John. Boy am I glad I did!
John pulled off a miracle and now I have a golf swing. After only two lessons I am hitting the ball straight and I am having a lot of fun!
John has a great sense of humor and I enjoy my time with him.
If you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer I would recommend John as your swing coach.

Alex Tan

Alex Tan


John had given my golf game a steroid boost. I have been hunting ways to stop my slice for 10 months, and he solved it in a matter of minutes. Actually, it took only five swings and he had my ball flight going straight. Words cannot describe my gratitude for this man. The A.J. Bonar DVD is going in the trash! I also had problems with hitting the irons solidly. John made it happen on my third swing. The sound of solid ball striking never felt so good. Forget the game improvement clubs folks. I personally believe John is far more effective and economical than any clubs. Be a John Marshall student and take your game to a whole new level.


Ron Griggs


I have attempted to learn the Mike Austin golf swing from looking at videos and reading books but there is no substitute for learning under a trained eye. John has used this swing to win long drive titles and when you watch him hit the ball you understand why. His understanding of the fundamentals and his capacity to explain them clearly and concisely is unmatched. He has made a huge difference for me, not only in my distance but my game as a whole.

Yvonne Guerra

Yvonne Guerra


I want to thank you for creating such a supportive and encouraging lesson environment. As a female player, I’ve struggled with the driver, as many amateurs do. However, after our lessons the “big dog” is no longer intimidating. It is obvious that you truly care about your students and that you’re totally committed to helping them improve. Few instructors take notes during the lesson and painstakingly review video images of not only my swing but others that might help me gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals. You can’t imagine how helpful this is and how it can serve as a motivator for improvement. As a pupil I would not want to let you down knowing the care that you have for me getting longer and better.