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Want to become the longest hitter in your foursome and a better player too? Or become a serious long drive competitor? Or cure your slice forever? Nothing can make a bigger impact on your game than proper guidance from one of the country’s top golf instructors. John’s schedule is very busy (like yours) so please give him as much notice as possible. Call 404-405-1403 or send an email to


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John has advanced certifications from the Mike Austin Swing Method, the Titleist Performance Institute, Super Speed Golf and Impact Zone Golf. He has been nominated as one of the top instructors in Georgia by Golf Digest magazine on five occasions. He was also selected to teach at the Golf Channel’s prestigious “Swing Fix” program. He is a regular contributor of instructional articles to Golf Tips Magazine and he’s been interviewed on PGA Tour Radio on numerous occasions. On Saturday mornings he’s been a volunteer instructor with The First Tee program for 21 years. Over the years he has had the opportunity to take lessons from such legendary teachers as Claude Harmon, Sr, Jack Grout, Davis Love, Jr, Bob Toski and even Byron Nelson. When it comes to Atlanta golf instruction, John can help you maximize your potential, and your fun, in a big hurry.

I remember someone asking Tiger what he thought the most important fundamental was. His response? “Posture.” Proper posture allows your arms to swing freely and also enables your body to rotate at maximum speed. The general rule of thumb is that you should bend from the hips approximately 25-30 degrees. When you do this properly, the arm pits are aligned directly over the knee caps and the balls of your feet. The lower back is flat in what is referred to as neutral posture. This puts you in a solid position in good balance with your arms hanging softly and ready to swing the club back and through on the proper plane. Always remember that you must remain in this posture until impact. If you are moving up or down during the swing you will have to make compensation moves which will always result in inconsistency.

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