Larry Frazier

John Marshall is not only a great teacher and student of golf, he also has a solid game himself, as evidenced by his previous Senior Long-Drive Championships. He has a keen eye for looking at a student’s swing and easily communicating suggestions that put a student at ease and lead to better swings. I have been working with John for about 10 years, and though sometimes, months pass between lessons, I always leave with a better understanding of what I am doing and confidence to take my game to the next level on the golf course. He has a true “teacher’s heart,” genuinely interested in his students and wanting them to enjoy their best golf. Shortly after each lesson, he sends a written summary of what we did in the lesson and the specific techniques that we covered that helped me improve. He also includes video of my swings in the lesson that provide further clarification. This “blueprint for improvement” allows for great positive reinforcement–supportive without over dependency on the teacher. I heartily recommend John without reservation!

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