My student and good friend, Phil Reed, invented the Pause-N-Throw several years ago. I consider it to be a great training device as it promotes the throwing style release used by big hitters and exceptional players. It attaches to your right forearm and loops over your thumb to set your hands in the correct position at the top of the back swing. Made from sturdy plastic and comfortable Velcro straps, Pause-N-Throw prevents the “cupping” of the left wrist. The wrists can still hinge but the Pause-N-Throw prevents over-cupping of the left wrist at the top of the back swing — a common fault for golfers.

The Pause-N-Throw can be used for full-shots at the range. Or, keep it in your bag to refresh the right feeling that will get you back on track during a round. The more you use it, the faster it builds muscle memory for a solid, repeatable swing. Fits most golfers except juniors. Available for right-handed golfers only at this time.

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