John had given my golf game a steroid boost. I have been hunting ways to stop my slice for 10 months, and he solved it in a matter of minutes. Actually, it took only five swings and he had my ball flight going straight. Words cannot describe my gratitude for this man. The A.J. Bonar DVD is going in the trash! I also had problems with hitting the irons solidly. John made it happen on my third swing. The sound of solid ball striking never felt so good. Forget the game improvement clubs folks. I personally believe John is far more effective and economical than any clubs. Be a John Marshall student and take your game to a whole new level.

Alex Tan
Atlanta, GA

I have attempted to learn the Mike Austin golf swing from looking at videos and reading books but there is no substitute for learning under a trained eye. John has used this swing to win long drive titles and when you watch him hit the ball you understand why. His understanding of the fundamentals and his capacity to explain them clearly and concisely is unmatched. He has made a huge difference for me, not only in my distance but my game as a whole.

Ron Griggs
Roswell, Georgia

I want to thank you for creating such a supportive and encouraging lesson environment. As a female player, I’ve struggled with the driver, as many amateurs do. However, after our lessons the “big dog” is no longer intimidating. It is obvious that you truly care about your students and that you’re totally committed to helping them improve. Few instructors take notes during the lesson and painstakingly review video images of not only my swing but others that might help me gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals. You can't imagine how helpful this is and how it can serve as a motivator for improvement. As a pupil I would not want to let you down knowing the care that you have for me getting longer and better.

Yvonne Guerra
Alhambra, California

After many years of searching for the perfect swing and coach, I have found both with John Marshall. Using the Mike Austin swing taught by John, I am more accurate and longer than ever before. With John’s patience and knowledge of the swing, immediate success has been achieved and maintained. I recommend John highly!!

Don Goodwin
Mableton, Georgia

Even though I’ve been a low handicap player for many years, diminishing distance with all of my clubs had made it more and more difficult to shoot the scores I needed to remain competitive. Under John’s tutelage I was able to regain the lost yardage and then some and am now one of the longest hitters in my regular foursome. The other guys are wondering where the extra 15-20 yards came from and I’m not telling!!

Jim "J.T." Thompson

I am relatively new to the game and, like most golfers, have a lot of room for improvement. One of the specific reasons I took lessons from John Marshall was to increase my distance. John was extremely helpful and patient. He does a great job of making sure the fundamentals are addressed in a way that is easy to understand. I have increased my distance by 20 to 30 yards since beginning my lessons from John. It doesn't hurt either that he has a good sense of humor, which every golfer can use!

Linda Lipman

You would think I should know everything about the Mike Austin golf swing since I wrote the book on him (In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing). However, John Marshall has taught me a lot about how to perfect this efficient, powerful swing. First of all, unlike other teachers, he is not in love with hearing himself talk. He doesn’t overload you with information that shows off his expertise while confusing the student. Secondly, he prioritizes the changes he recommends, working from the most basic and important into the finer points. And third, he exudes an air of patience that is essential in making the student feel relaxed. This promotes the best atmosphere in which to learn. I would recommend that golfers at any level take lessons from John. And if you want to see how much John knows, just watch him hit a few balls. You’ll see, hear and sense how solidly, and how far, he hits the golf ball.

Philip Reed, author of In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing; Chasing the Legend of Mike Austin
Long Beach, California